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Mazzer Super Jolly Burr Grinder Blades

Mazzer Super Jolly Burr Grinder Blades Image

Super Jolly Grinder Blades - Suitable for Mazzer Super Jolly, Gaggia (Aristarco), San Remo, Fiorenzato F5 & Saeco Idea.

About time to change those burrs? Or maybe just have a set on hand in case – you never want to be stuck with suboptimal coffee.
When to change your burrs:
When using coffee blends of average hardness, it is advisable to replace the grinding blades approximately every:

600 kg for the Mazzer Major
400 kg for the Mazzer Super Jolly
300 kg for the Mazzer Mini

Or you can tell by running your thumb nail over the burr – if it can shave part of your nail and has a shiny blunted appearance, it might be an idea to start thinking about changing those burrs.

External: 64mm Internal: 37mm Thickness: 8.5mm Holes: 3 Right Hand

Please note these burr blades are not OEM.

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