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Cafelat Coffee Classic Tamper Stand

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Coffee tamping stands have grown more and more popular. They help promote level tamping with single spouts or bottomless portafilters or even just the double - they are used in cafes and bars around the world.

The Cafelat classic tamping stand is made of 3 separate components which come together to make a compact accessory: tamping mat base, tamping seat and the stand component.

You may tamp from the front with a regular single or double portafilter or use a bottomless portafilter by turning it around. The non-slip base provides a very stable tamping platform. It also provides a place to store your tamper with a tamping seat which can be moved elsewhere too.

Aside from promoting level tamping it also elevates the spouts of your portafilter so that they keep clean from coffee grounds that may end up in a cup.

Material : Stainless steel and rubber
Height incl. base : 6cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 21cm (L)
Colour options : Black
Packaging : 1 complete stand per box

Does not include tamper and portafilter in the photos.

List Price:A$83.50
Your Price:A$63.00 (You save A$20.50)