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Shun Water Sharpening Whetstone 2 sided 1000/300

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Shun Classic Whetstone 1000/300 grit coarse/medium

Shun whetstone is best for redefining. Made of a combination of ceramic grits—one side for refining and polishing, the other for basic honing—it works by removing dulled molecules that accumulate on the blade surface. A few strokes on each side are all that's required for continued use.

The orange side has a coarse grit suitable for removing small flaws in the edge; the finer grit on the blue side refines and polishes. A few light strokes on the orange side, then the blue, are all that is needed. At 6cm wide, this whetstone is large enough to accommodate even the Shun Chinese Chef's Knife.

The whetstone must be soaked before using.
Construction: Ceramic
Dimensions: 15.3 x 6 x 4.5 (cm)
Origin: Japan
Warranty: Lifetime

Additional Information:
- Soak in water thoroughly before using
- Not for use with oil

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