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Cafelat Coffee Tamper Holder/Tamper Hanger

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The Cafelat Coffee Tamper wall hanger is another of those products where the genius is in the sheer simplicity of the idea.

Once you use this hanger you will never want to be without it - you will have a dedicated place for the Cafelat tamper so you always know where it is, and being away from the tamping area means it is kept away from water and coffee grounds. Safe and secure and a fantastic look.

The hanger comprises the main section where the tamper rests, which interlocks with a backing plate which may be fixed to the wall.

Cafelat thinks of everything - even 3 different ways to mount your Cafelat tamper hanger.

1. Hang the main section (without backing plate) directly onto a wall – the back has a V-shaped cut out which means you hook it over a single pan-head screw.

2. Screw the mounting plate to a wall using the 2 wall plugs which are included in the box. Slide the main section firmly down onto the backing plate locking it in place.

3. The item also comes with a 3M double sided sticker that can be mounted onto the backing plate and then onto a flat surface such as the side of a grinder or espresso machine.

Should you need to clean the hanger you simply lift the main section off the wall or off of the backing plate and wipe it clean, do not put into a dishwasher.

Please note this espresso tamper hanger uses a special kind of rubber coating to prevent you damaging your tampers however this may scratch off over time.

Material : Plastic with a Rubber Coating

Colour options : Black

Packaging : 1 Hanger, 1 Backing plate + adhesive sticker per box

Only guaranteed to fit Cafelat tampers - The hanger is designed to fit the Cafelat tampers perfectly, we do not know the sizes of any other brands of tampers and therefore do not guarantee they will fit.

List Price:A$14.99
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