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Full Circle Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets 3x35g

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Full Circle Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets like Grindz
Cleaning a grinder is a challenge because water cannot be used on the burrs or around electric motors.
The process of opening or disassembling a grinder can be intimidating due to the small parts and electrics inside the machine.
When ground through your coffee grinder, our patented, food safe grinder cleaning tablets are an easy way to remove the coffee residue and oil that lead to bitter tasting coffee—all without removing any parts of your machine.

It is recommended to use Full Circle™ coffee grinder cleaning tablets once a month or when switching between flavored, decaffeinated, and regular beans.

Environmentally friendly: Every ingredient is edible and either used to bake bread, prepare your favorite breakfast cereal, or in the case of the food-safe binder a key ingredient in toothpaste. Not a gluten-free product.

How the Full Circle Grinder Cleaner Works:
Run the remaining coffee beans through your grinder
Add Full Circle Grinder Cleaner (one cap full, 35-40g)
Grind through the cleaner beans on a medium setting
Use about two cycles of regular coffee beans to clean out the remaining cleaner

3 packets = 3 uses

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