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Clean Machine Coffee Descaler Descaling Powder 1kg

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Clean Machine Espresso Maker Descaler/Descaling Powder 1kg - 40 uses

No matter what machine you own, regular cleaning and descaling will increase the life of your coffee machine, preventing costly breakdowns and help you make great coffee.

A commercial strength blend of acids to assist in descaling of coffee machine boilers and parts. Targeting commercial usage with 1kg roughly equal to 40 uses if using 25g and 1 litre of water at a time.

Directions for use:
- dissolve 25g of descaler into 1 litre of warm water and pour into water tank. Remove filter handle and turn machine on
- run approximately 1 cup through the brew outlet. Run up to 1/2 cup through steam wand and 1/2 cup through hot water outlet (if applicable). REpeat process until all solution is used.
- Repeat the above process with fresh water and ensure the tank, brew outlet, steam wand and hot water outlet are rinsed thoroughly. Repeat rinse again if necessary.
- You should check your machine supplier before commencing the descale process.
- For Automatic Machines - follow your manufacturers descale instructions.

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