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Tall Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder

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Porlex Tall Hand Coffee Grinder (Ceramic Burrs)
If you want to grind coffee on the run – be it while travelling overseas, camping or simply because you don’t want to maintain an electric grinder at home, a Porlex grinder is the one to get – now the only problem is which one to choose – mini or tall.

The Porlex stainless steel body ensures cleaning this hand grinder is simple. The ceramic burrs do not rust and are also easy to clean. The main advantage of having ceramic burrs is that they stay sharper for much longer compared to steel burrs.
For the Porlex it is also easy to adjust grind settings. Customers have also chosen to buy a hand grinder so they do not need to continually dial in their grinder to different coffee makers (e.g. an Aeropress grind is certainly different from espresso and grinders like the Mazzer with stepless grind adjustment make it harder to switch back and forth). Another idea is decaf for the odd guest or spiced coffee.
Essential for travel – keep your beans whole for freshness and the grinder itself is small, light and compact – in fact it fits in the Aeropress Coffee Maker that we also stock!

Hopper holds about 40g of coffee beans – enough for 2-4 brews depending on how strong you like your brew.
Easy to adjust grind - from powder to coarse!
Can also grind dried herbs and spices.
Dimensions: 190mm tall, 47mm in diameter without handle.
Weight: 264g
Stainless steel body, stainless steel detachable handle with black plastic handle-roller.
Has silicone band around it to hold handle for transport.

Made in Japan.
English instructions included.

To clean:
Unscrew plastic locking nut anti-clockwise until removed.
Remove inner burr and outer burrs.
Burrs can be cleaned in warm soapy water along with the rest of the unit.

Note: The box is Japanese language
(instructions in English) - unfortunately Porlex do not supply a branded English language box.

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