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58mm BLIND FILTER to clean your coffee machine

58mm BLIND FILTER to clean your coffee machine Image

Want to deep clean your home coffee machine? This blind filter helps you clean traditional expresso machines with 3-way solenoid valves - will suit most commercial and semi-commercial machines for use in back flushing.

Regular use of this blind filter disc with a back flush cleaner such as the Cino Cleano® Espresso Machine Back Flush cleaner (sold separately) will ensure your home espresso machine is always clean and running to its optimum efficiency, producing fabulous coffee.

About backflushing

Routine care of your Coffee Espresso machine will enable you to make quality espresso shots for many years.

Backflushing is recommended for coffee machines that have 3 way valves. Backflushing helps to eliminate stale tasting coffee as it cleans away the build up of old oils and ground coffee that may be sitting in the brew head.

Depending on your usage level, (number of drinks), backflushing the system is recommended at least weekly.

Following this schedule on a regular basis, plus cleaning other associated parts on your machine, such as the shower screen, group handle (sprout, filter baskets etc) will ensure your machine provides you with great tasting espresso for many years.

WARNING - DO NOT BACKFLUSH a machine that is not equipped with a solenoid valve. If unsure contact your supplier or machines manufacturer.


1. Remove coffee filter from the group handle and replace with the blind filter

2. Add one level teaspoon of product to the group handle and replace.

3. Start brewing cycle and run for five seconds, then stop and allow to sit for 15 seconds.

4. Repeat step three at least four times

5. Remove group handle and rinse well.

6. Replace the handle with the blind filter and run the machine for 10 seconds and stop for two. Repeat at least 10 times to thoroughly rinse your machine.

7. Replace the blind filter with the regular one and brew a cup of coffee and discard to re-season your espresso machine.

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