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Portable Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines Image
Espresso Makers to make your coffee on the run - portable solutions to fitting a coffee machine into your travels or maybe even just your daily life. Includes Mypressi, Presso, Aeropress...
Coffee Tamping mats, stands, holders Image
Perfect your coffee tamping by buying the perfect tamper for your espresso machine. With a suitable tamper and the correct accessories such as mats and tamp stands to ensure correct tamping technique, you will see a difference in the final cup of coffee produced.
Coffee Tampers Image
We stock a range of 53mm and 58mm coffee tampers suitable for Rancilio espresso machines, mypressi, Presso and much more! Our brands include Cafelat, Motta and Concept Art.
Coffee Knock Boxes Image
Coffee knock boxes - for all those messy espresso grinds and to add a stylish look to your coffee equipment corner.
Coffee Cleaning and Maintenance Image
For all your needs in coffee machine, espresso maker, coffee grinder maintenance with cleaning tablets, descalers, backflushing powders and more!

We carry Cleancaf, Urnex, Grindz, Cino Cleano, Cafiza and Clean Machine.
Coffee spare parts and barista tools Image
Rancilio group seals, Rocky burr blades, Mazzer Super Jolly Burrs and much more.
Thermal Cookware and Sous Vide Machines Image
Thermos thermal cookware saves electricity and is a fantastic choice for camping and outdoor trips on those cold winter days whilst sous vide machines are convenient for your inner masterchef.